E4Coder is distributed as a set of Scilab or ScicosLab Tollboxes, and is available under a per-seat commercial license, rental. Different licensing schemes are available on request.

The E4Coder package includes:

  • E4Coder Code Generator, the code generator for embedded targets (currently only for ScicosLab);
  • SMCube, for simulating and generating code for finite state machines;
  • E4Coder GUI, for simulating embedded GUI panels;
  • One year of maintenance, including all new software releases which will be made during the maintenance period;
  • Manuals and documentation (more than 250 pages);

Additional services are also available, as listed in this page.

Would you like a demo of E4Coder?

We are here to help you understanding the features and the benefits of using E4Coder in your projects. For that reason, we are available to provide live demos of the tool (also using videoconferencing tools), and afterwards to provide a time limited demo license of E4Coder.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us in case you want a demo of E4Coder!

Would you like a quote for E4Coder?

If you are interested in a quote for E4Coder, please Contact Us specifying at least the following information:

  • the number of licenses you are requiring;
  • a description of your application, with an idea of the customizations and services you would like to implement to make E4Coder effective in your development environment.

University licenses available!

We provide discounted educational licenses to Universities and Research Labs wanting to use E4Coder. Please Contact Us for more information!

Are you interested in E4Coder and MicroDAQ?

If you are interested in the purchase of both E4Coder and MicroDAQ,just Contact Us. We will be glad to provide a quote for the bundle!