The MicroDAQ device is a DSP real-time control measurement system designed to solve complex problems. The device combines a TI 6000 fixed/floating point DSP core and an ARM core. Several hardware configurations are possible in order to have several analog input-output channels along with digital I/O channels that can be configured as PWM, UART or Quadrature encoder inputs.


MicroDAQ toolbox overview

MicroDAQ toolbox for Scilab is a free software for Embedded Solutions MicroDAQ real-time control and measurement devices. Feature rich toolbox allows automatic code generation for MicroDAQ DSP giving user ability to build their application without in depth knowledge on DAQ devices. It provides MicroDAQ block set which gives user an access to MicroDAQ hardware and many features which are helpful during real-time control and measurement application development.

Automatic code generation

MicroDAQ toolbox for Scilab uses its own code generator (not the one provided by E4Coder) to generate code from Xcos diagram. Generated code is compiled for Texas Instruments C6000 floating/fixed point DSP core which is the main MicroDAQ processing unit. Toolbox generates periodic applications with user defined sample rate. Generated code utilizes TI-RTOS (SYS/BIOS) real-time operating system which ensures strict timing for generated applications.

MicroDAQ blocks

Toolbox provides different MicroDAQ block which allows access to MicroDAQ hardware. Blocks are available in Xcos palette browser under MicroDAQ palette and can be used to create Xcos model for code generation or simulation. MicroDAQ block gives user access to MicroDAQ hardware - analog inputs/outputs, digital I/O, PWM, Quadrature encoder, UART. The MicroDAQ palette also provides special blocks which are used to setup model and access live data from generated DSP application.

For more information about MicroDAQ, visit the MicroDAQ site!

E4Coder support for MicroDAQ

Although MicroDAQ uses its own code generator, from now on users can insert SMCube and E4CoderGUI blocks into MicroDAQ diagram! What does this mean?

SMCube inside MicroDAQ

By supporting SMCube blocks inside the MicroDAQ diagrams, developers will be able to insert a finite state machine inside the diagram!
Thanks to Evidence support, developers will now be able to insert a lightweight finite state machine editor and simulator, whose code will be integrated into MicroDAQ code generator.
In this way, developers will be able to smoothly create complex standalone applications thanks to SMCube.

To learn more about SMCube, visit this page.

E4CoderGUI inside MicroDAQ

Do you want to display data coming from an underway simulation?
Do you want to display data coming from the target?
Do you have the need to both display the data coming from your target and control the target as well?

These are some of the capabilities featured by E4CoderGUI! And now you can have all of this inside MicroDAQ!

To have a complete picture of all the opportunities provided by E4CoderGUI, visit this page.

Interested in E4Coder + MicroDAQ?

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