Integrating a model-based simulation and code generation workflow for embedded devices often requires specific customizations.
These customizations are needed because each embedded board has specific requirements that needs to be considered in order to produce code and to efficiently integrate the tool in a customized build environment.
For these reasons, we believe a model-based tool cannot be thought in practice without the possibility to customize it to the specific customer needs.
And this is the reason why E4Coder has been designed with customization as one of the main features.

In particular, the E4Coder Code Generation workflow can be customized in the following ways:

  • Specific build systems can be added, to support customer-specific requirements.
  • Custom Target boards can be added, supporting the peripherals currently present in the board layout.
  • Custom blocks can be added, to simplify the integration of legacy components.
  • Support for 3rd party software platforms and drivers.
Evidence provides all these kind of customizations to provide a complete support offer starting from the E4Coder tools to the customizations required to implement a model-based design workflow on your specific hardware.
Moreover, Evidence provides the following additional services:
  • Professional technical support for helping the integration of E4Coder in your applications.
  • E4Coder customization, retargetting and extensions to specific customer needs.
  • Training courses on Scilab, Scicos and E4Coder.
  • Development of control algorithms designed using E4Coder.
  • Design and development of complete solutions (Hardware and software).

If you need more information on our service offering, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.