Automatic Code Generation for Arduino with E4Coder - Course

We are pleased to announce that Trity Technologies is organizing a course about automatic code generation for Arduino using E4Coder!

Check this page out for more news!

Automatic Code Generation for Arduino with E4Coder - Video

Chin Luh Tan, founder of Trity Technologies, has realized a demo showing E4Coder' automatic code generation capabilities for Arduino.

Check the video out at this link!

2016-06-10 New State Machine capabilities are now available for MicroDAQ users

It is now possible to generate code for SMCube blocks inside MicroDAQ diagrams. The state machine code is generated during the code generation process and automatically integrated inside the DSP image that is programmed inside the MicordDAQ device. For more information about MicroDAQ, please see

2015.10.19 - E4Coder at International CAE Conference 2015

E4Coder will be presented at the next International CAE Conference - Pacengo del Garda (Verona) - Italy, 19 - 20 October 2015

2015.06.30 - New State Machine capabilities are now available for Scilab users with the E4Coder extension module.

San Giuliano Terme, Pisa, Italy – June 30, 2015 – Scilab Enterprises, worldwide leader of open source numerical and scientific computation software together with Evidence Srl, the world's leading supplier of the open source OSEK/VDX
real-time ERIKA Enterprise kernel and developer of E4Coder solutions, today announce the availability of E4Coder for the Scilab platform.
E4Coder is a commercial suite based on Scilab/Xcos and featuring:

2015.06.23 - ScilabTec 2015 YouTube Video

The video of the E4Coder Presentation at ScilabTec 2015 is now available!

Download the Video : E4Coder Presentation at ScilabTec on YouTube.

Download the presentation: ScilabTec 2015 E4Coder presentation.

2015.06.08 - E4Coder available on Scilab ATOMS

E4Coder for Scilab is now available under the standard Scilab ATOMS repository, under category "Finite State Machines (FSM)"

For updated information on how to install E4Coder, please visit the Documentation and Videos page.

2015.05.19 - E4Coder: new release! (build 676)

The new version of E4Coder (build 676) is available for immediate delivery.

The new version includes:

  • New Scilab 5.5.2 support (SMCube and E4CoderGUI in simulation only);
  • Improved support for Bare Metal and Arduino boards;
  • SMCube support for indexing array variables using the Data Model;
  • Other minor bug fixes;

Updated documentation is now available on the Documentation and Videos page.

2015.03.13 - Velometro Video on Shaw TV

Velometro just published a great video on Shaw TV!

Among other things, the video shows the Velocar prototype, which contains application code generated using E4Coder!